MENTEX & FLATEX Mentex and Flatex are manufactured in accordance with SANS 190-1
Most meshes can be made in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
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Walkway Meshes From 4.5mm thick strand to 6.0mm thick strand
and from 6.5mm width to 10.0mm width
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Raised Expanded Metal
Mentis Raised Expanded Metal is engineered from coil, cut and stretched to form a unique continuous pattern, without interrupting its integrity, to retain maximum strength and provide excellent non-slip attributes.

Flattened Expanded Metal
Mentis Flattened Expanded Metal is Raised Expanded Metal flattened to create an exceptionally versatile material that is both flexible and strong.

Building Materials
Mentis Building Materials utilises different expanded metals and transforms them into versatile practical building product solutions.

Mentis Planks are a single strip of metal formed into self-supporting planks with a grip surface, the perfect combination of practical form and design.

Walkway Planks
Ingenuity through design the Walkway Planks provide a walkway with minimal supporting steel to revolutionise installation.